Our Mission:

Be a Good Run Citizen

Our running community has experienced far too many tragic events while out doing what we love to do—RUNNING.

VISION: Make the world a safer place to recreate through awareness, education, discussion, activism—this is a movement.

Be part of the solution. Be a safe and conscientious runner while looking out for others.

Runner Safety Awareness Week

Jan. 22-25, 2020 (Full Schedule Coming Soon)


About The Run Collective

Born out of a desire to bridge the resources of the NYC running community, The Run Collective was formed to connect, collaborate, and celebrate our efforts. We are a gathering of the clubs, crews, and people who, together, aspire to foster positive competition and an inclusive work ethic as the esprit de corps of NYC running.  



The Run Collective is open to all to share, collaborate, and support one another with the movements, missions, passions, and efforts we collectively build. We build our community by communicating, collaborating, and celebrating—often while running.


We are stronger working together rather than in silos. We have common goals and together we tackle issues and problems that come our way. We are able to combine initiatives / events so we can divide and conquer with our various skill sets rather than competing with one another.


We can better support one another’s initiatives / events if we share calendars, jointly plan, and discuss our goals and objectives. We also nod to one another on a run.


We are often too busy to take a breath and to live in the moment. Not enough time is taken to acknowledge what we do each day, week, month, and year. We take time to reflect on what we have collectively and individually accomplished. We raise a glass and toast our combined efforts.

The Run Collective is a 501(c)(3) corporation.